The company was formed in September 2006 by a group of Year 11 students at Glebelands School in Cranleigh given the chance to take part in Young Enterprise. We have run many successful events, such as an end-of-term Christmas Fair, where customers could buy a wide range of affordable, stocking filler gifts. We also offered a candy cane delivery service, where students could write messages to friends on cards, which would then be attached to candy canes and delivered to the recipients of the messages.

We believe that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and we hope to provide quality products at affordable prices – for example, we have now run two keyring events. We set up a backdrop and props, and students could have their photos taken with friends, and then put in a keyring. We hope to run this event again, because it was very popular.

In previous years, our school had organised a Year 11 photo as a souvenir for leavers. However, in the year that we would be leaving, they announced that they would not be offering such a photo. Many of our school year were disgruntled, so we snapped up the opportunity to organise our own year photo. We recently had the photo taken, and are currently investigating printing possibilities and costs.

Many Young Enterprise companies offer personalised clothing of some kind, and hoodies had been popular at our school in previous years, so we decided to go with the trend. We found a supplier, and ordered our own, promotional hoodies. They are very high-quality and come in a wide range of colours, and we’re very happy with them. Order forms for students will be going out soon.

A local organisation, FLY, organises Friday night events for youth at the Cranleigh Arts Centre. We are hoping to team up with them in the near future to offer a talent show where you can not only watch the acts, but also buy our products. There’ll be a page for this when we have more information.


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  1. hi…we ordered 2 hoodies and were just wondering whether it is possible to change the writing on them. The original writing…. SO FETCH. change to JUST DO IT (the order form is from Bettijane Olive, class 11AKE in navy blue and bright yellow writing)
    The original writing for second hoodie is… CUTE A.S.S change to A.S.S (the order form is from Aimee Szokalski, class 11SAT in navy blue and baby pink writing)
    We really hope you can do this. Thank you!!

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