Contact Us

You can email us by clicking here or by using the email address mail@suitableforvegetarians.com.

You can also leave a comment in one of the blogs, but that’s less likely to get read.

Alternatively, you can find some of us over by Annexe at lunchtime and breaktimes – ask for somebody who’s in Young Enterprise, and they should be able to help you out.



  1. […] Suitable for Vegetarians A Young Enterprise venture « Welcome to the site Hoody Order Forms! February 2nd, 2007 Now available – check the Hoodies page over to the right to grab one. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. […]

  2. hi…we ordered 2 hoodies and were just wondering whether it is possible to change the writing on them. The original writing…. SO FETCH. change to JUST DO IT (the order form is from Bettijane Olive, class 11AKE in navy blue and bright yellow writing)
    The original writing for second hoodie is… CUTE A.S.S change to A.S.S (the order form is from Aimee Szokalski, class 11SAT in navy blue and baby pink writing)
    We really hope you can do this. Thank you!!

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