Personalised Hoodies come in a wide range of colours (both for the fabric and the transfer print on the back) and can be ordered with letters, numbers, symbols or any combination of the three – so you can have it just how you want it. It varies in price depending on what you order, but we offer a competitive price to keep all our buyers happy.

Order forms now available! Click here to download one.*

Fill in the order form and put it and your money in an envelope with your name and tutor group on, and we will be taking them in at the school office in the week beginning 5th March. If you have any questions, then contact us.

Please note we can NOT take orders through the website. Orders must be made using an order form.

*You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the order form, if you don’t have it, then click the button below.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Image



  1. i whant a black one with white writing on the back saying 01 katie megs 01

  2. can’t get the god damn order form

  3. Sack olivia hughes she is rubbish sack her damn you she looses you money kill her!

  4. im soooooo confused i cant see what the colours i like ??

  5. im soooooo confused i cant see what the colours i like ??

  6. im soooooo confused i cant see what the colours i like ??

  7. hi…we ordered 2 hoodies and were just wondering whether it is possible to change the writing on them. The original writing…. SO FETCH. change to JUST DO IT (the order form is from Bettijane Olive, class 11AKE in navy blue and bright yellow writing)
    The original writing for second hoodie is… CUTE A.S.S change to A.S.S (the order form is from Aimee Szokalski, class 11SAT in navy blue and baby pink writing)
    We really hope you can do this. Thank you!!

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